How A Serial Killer Helped Our Marriage

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Watching Dexter, TV's favorite serial killer, helped my husband open up.

I'm not one of those women who digs movies with love and happy endings. My one movie rule is this: Is there violence? If the answer is no, I am not usually interested. I'm sure this reveals some deep-seated emotional issues, but that's why the heavens above gifted us with Zoloft, right? 

Consequently, my husband and I watch a lot of crime shows, detective dramas and law intrigues. Currently, our favorite show is Dexter, a Showtime series about a family man who double as a serial killer, struggling to balance both a marriage and a passion to kill. Dexter Morgan, the show's protagonist, has trouble with expressing and feeling the right emotion at the right time, and often the emotional responses and connections of others surprise and shock him. Minus the killing people part, this is exactly like my husband. 20 Hottest Men on Television

I married a man who invented the strong, silent type. He is quiet, logical and often taken aback by my less logical, more emotional responses to issues such as him eating the last cookie or telling me that maybe I might look better in another outfit. And while he gets how to do our taxes and exactly how dew point relates to airplanes leaving trails in the sky, he doesn't get that sometimes I need to know how he feels about an issue and that "nothing" is not an emotion. Let Me Tell You About My TV Girlfriend

During season four of the show, Dexter and his wife Rita go to couple's therapy, where Dexter learns that Rita just needs to hear what he's feeling. Even if that feeling is dark and moderately disturbing. Truly, not groundbreaking television, but the moment my husband saw that exchange on our TV, he turned to me, "So, that's what you want?"

"Yes," I said. "That's exactly what I want."

Despite what the studies say, television has helped our marriage. Our favorite shows remind us that we need to take a break from our busy lives and snuggle on the couch, and while it might be disturbing that a serial killer had to help my husband to open up, I figure as long as he learns the lessons, who am I to complain. Although, I do wonder what we'll learn once we start watching WeedsHow TV Made Us Root For Cheaters

Does television help or hurt relationships?