UK Youths Have Some Kooky Notions About Love

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Both sex myths and prostitution are confusing matters for Brits.

I'm sure that the youngsters in America have some strange notions of sexuality (and I'm not even referencing the old abstinence-only argument), but youths in the United Kingdom are getting the wrong message on a number of fronts. And I don't believe that we can blame the Spice Girls' Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl Powah this time around. 

Per the Independent, a conservative group in Merry Olde has sent a pamphlet to every secondary school (high school to me and you) extolling the virtues of abstinence (or possibly chastity; I'm not totally knowledgeable of certain O'Donnellian subtleties). The crew—the Family Education Trust—states that premarital sex is "ugly and destructive and will lead to misery and regret." And that's just for relationships that actually end in marriage… bum-dum-pahPoll: Did You Have Sex Before Marriage?

Anywhom... evidently, not everyone is getting this "lay off the sex before you get married" message (I'm paraphrasing). According to, a British study (from the journal Sex Education) of undergraduates states that 83.5 percent of them SAY they would NOT have sex for money. In other words, 16.5 percent of those surveyed would trade sexual favors for money (with 93 percent saying that receiving money would be the primary factor; presumably, the other 7 percent hate their dads). The study goes on to say another thing or three about sex work, but we'll concentrate on the 16.5 percent. Around The World: No Business Like Ho Business

Is that number high? I briefly considered majoring in psychology when I was an undergrad, and that sounds really stupid in hindsight. As silly has charging people for sex? Probably not. I'd imagine that this 93 percent figure stems from the fact that most people get into the sex-for-cash game out of economic hardship, rather than the chance to wear fun outfits and role play.

Maybe it's time to look into paying college athletes to play, rather than having them resort to prostitution. Kidding. Maybe it's time that we at least talk about what leads people into prostitution, and figure out how to make is safer, and possibly throw in a little taxation.