Jessica Simpson Is Sad About Nick's Engagement

Jessica Simpson

Nick's pending nuptials to Vanessa Minnillo is terrible news for Jessica. Will she get through it?

It has to be a major bummer to find out that your first, real love is marrying what seems to be his true love. And it must be especially bad if the news is splattered all over the internet and celebrity magazines, like, in the case of the engagement of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo, which apparently is really getting to Nick's ex-wife Jessica Simpson.

According to Popeater, Jessica is having a hard time dealing with the news:

"Even though Jessica wants to be happy for Nick, this is a very difficult time for her. Nick was the love of her life then, man, and he was her first, so she will always have a very special place in her heart for him. She's deeply saddened." 

Nick and Vanessa, who just announced their engagement last week, started dating in 2006, shortly after his divorce from Jessica. Since then, the pair have not tried to hide how happy they are. Nor has Vanessa tried to hide that rock of an engagement ring, which, at four carats in a platinum setting, is said to be worth $125,000, according to US Magazine. OUCH. Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo Are Engaged!

We're sure that's the salt in Jessica's wounds, as we can't help but wonder if he spent quite that much on her ring. Or whether Vanessa's was technically paid for out of his settlement money from their divorce?

Whatever the case, sources have said that after Nick and Jessica broke up, the singer was determined not to lose someone he loves again:

"He never thought he would ever get married again after Jessica broke his heart. He never thought he would ever allow himself to be vulnerable again, but after dating for a long time he trusts Vanessa and knows she's the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with." 

We're pretty sure that Jessica's reaction to all this will be a pretty hot topic over the next few days, especially since she has not been quite as lucky in love as her ex has been since they parted ways. Not to mention the fact that he was her first... Well, everything, really. And even if she did have Tony Romo under her belt, (and John Mayer called her "sexual napalm" for goodness sake) that doesn't make getting over your ex any easier.  Jessica Simpson Has Questionable Taste In Men

We're hoping she can cope though, because it looks like Nick and Vanessa aren't going anywhere, except down a wedding aisle.

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