You can tell him by the way he'd dance...

You can tell him by the way he'd dance...
Pair dancing bears a special philosophy about relationships and attitudes between partners which can be applied in life as well...
In dancing man is the backbone of the couple - knowing the steps, guiding, leading the other party along the way, bearing the responsibility of the successful performance. And the woman is the jewel - her beauty, her assets should be highlighted by the partner and never shoud he try to upstage her. She follows him delicately like a shadow and should be taken care of as a fragile flower.
A partner who makes the audience think to be outperforming the woman is not a good partner. It is an immature, narcissisitc and selfish nature with possibly some inferiority complexes. Such a man can never form a sustainable couple and can never adequately care about the other party.
Having trained in sports dancing, I have been raised with this idea and have always been prejudiced about men who cannot wait to show off on the dancing floor, trying to expose their glamour and without paying attention to the lady... A man should be the one to encourage his female partner  to be active and present her talents. He should be humble in showing his capabilities and qualities. But only a mature, self-confident and masculine person can do this.
My latest boyfrined was too good a dancer, unfortunately.. It made me an impression at the very beginning of our romance but I had to lump it hoping that my intuition and experience might prove wrong this time. Alas! Now, after all that happened, after his childish behaviour by avoiding phone calls and not answering to civilised messages, maybe it will turn out that I must have rushed off as fast as I could when I first saw how much he liked to expose himself and flourish his qualities at the dance floor. A man who would prefer delivering a striptease dance for you than vice versa is not a very caring partner and would never really prioritise your relationship and your desires, at least not the ones that do not suit him much.
So, dear girls. Next time pay attention to the dancing floor. Might save you some heart-breaking trouble...
I am devastated. Five intensive months of dating and almost living together, of him implying prospects about marriage and kids, coming to family gatherings... And then... just like that. He came to a dinner with my parents, all was nice. The next day I went to a 6-day business trip abroad and when I came back he would not answer my phone calls. I contacted him by my office phone (unfamiliar to him) and he answered. I asked why he did not respond to my personal phone, the answer was that he was drinking with friends.
Two weeks before he went to a trip to Romania with the same friends and a woman-colleague who is a Latvian cow-bitch, very loud, provocative and promiscuous and did her best to attract hime to her. She invited him to her flat to fix her computer, serving him dinner, she left her daughter for a few days with him when she was going on a business trip, she moved to his apartment building...
The pain is intolerable. I am not in my 20-ies any more and think that people should act more maturely, and talk, and try to understand the other points of view, and they deserve explanation - after investing so much emotions, love and care on all levels.
So, next time I see such a good dancer, trying to outperfom me, I will run like hell...


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