No Pregnancy Plans For Carrie Underwood...Yet

Carrie Underwood

Call off the baby bump watch! Carrie's not feelin' motherhood just yet.

Baby fever is nothing new in Hollywood. After all, pregnancy ups your stock in tabloids and middle America, so of course it's all the rage! Yet unlike just about every other female celebrity (to hear the tabs tell it), Carrie Underwood is going against the grain and saying...gasp!...she doesn't want a bundle of love just yet.

It was inevitable that the questions would start fast and furious after her storybook wedding to Mike Fisher in July. But the baby bump watchers may be waiting for quite some time, according to Underwood. Carrie Underwood Wins, Flaunts Ring At CMT Awards

"We are not planning on it for a while," Underwood told People. "We both want to enjoy being married. I don't think it would be fair to our kid to bring a child into our lives right now. We both need to slow down first, and we don't want to right now."

In yet another interview with ABC News, Underwood added that the couple is trying to "keep [things] as simple as possible" and that "a baby would just make things so complicated" at the moment.

For now, Underwood is content settling into her new home of Canada and chilling with her hubby between Ottawa Senators games. So would it be fair to say she's pucking the trend?

Photo Credit: INF