LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian To Tie The Knot?


The jury is still out on whether the country crooner and actor are really engaged.

It hasn't been the best of times for LeAnn Rimes recently: Shape issued a mea culpa for putting her on its cover, calling her a "husband-stealer" and the choice a "terrible mistake." But the tide seems to be turning. Hot on the heels of a "prank proposal," the rumor mill is churning that Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are engaged for realz.

Here's how it all went down: on Halloween night, Cibrian tweeted a playful photo of him down on the proverbial knee apparently proposing to a surprised Rimes. But before the Twitterverse could get too excited, Rimes tweeted that they were just having a "little fun." (Maybe they got Halloween confused with April Fool's Day?) 

Yet E! is reporting that it was all an elaborate ruse to distract from the fact that they really did get engaged recently. Of course, the couple wanted the news to leak eventually - for the right price to the right publication, naturally.

So until we get confirmation via cover from one of the tabs, we can rest easy knowing that Cibrian and Rimes have "no regrets" despite being publicly shamed by Shape and other sources. An article in today's New York Daily News states that the couple is "really happy" and refuse to apologize for falling in love. LeAnn Rimes Says She's Not A Homewrecker

"We're really happy in what we feel privately," Rimes stated. "We hope [that] one day, I think people will feel [that] publicly."

Photo Credit: INF