4 Infamous Mistresses Get Plastic Surgery Together

Joslyn James
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Tiger, Jesse, and Reggie's former flames all want to look hotter. (And maybe land a reality show.)

It hardly causes a stir when a celebrity mistress reveals that she's having some "work" done. Attention-seeking skanks who fawn over celebrity hubbies are a notoriously plasticized breed. But this is a new one: a group of celebrity mistresses are planning to have their surgeries done together. It's like Girls Night Out meets Extreme Makeover!

RadarOnline reports that the women are all taking part in a plastic surgery blitz organized by Gina Rodriguez, who owns DD Management, an agency specializing in porn talent. Rodriguez says the girls signed on because they want a fresh start. And how better to get a fresh start than with fresh parts?

According to Radar, Rodriguez has nabbed the cream of the crop as far as celebrity side dishes are concerned: Reggie Bush's wanton waitress, January Gesset, is taking part, as is tattooed cad Jesse James's mistress, Melissa Smith. But the gems in this triple-x crown surely must be the two members of Tiger Woods' hussy harem, Joslyn James and Jaime Jungers. (Does Tiger have an alliteration fetish we don't know about?) The 9 Mistresses Of Tiger Woods 

Rodriguez let slip that Gesset will be adding more donk to her badonk, making it a fully-fledged badonkadonk. Really, lady? You took Kim Kardashian's man and now you want her butt, too? Smith's alterations will be facial in nature: she's reported to be having a nose job and tooth brightening. Jungers is putting more treasure (and by treasure, we mean silicone) in her chest, but the Living Barbie award surely goes to Joslyn James, who is reported to be pumping her DD breasts up to an E, and undergoing several other procedures, from facial botox to lip injection. James is also reportedly scheduled for several other knife-free changes, including hair extensions and having veneers put on her pearly whites.

Rodriguez stresses that the group surgery is in no way related to any reality show, but perks up her ears at the mention of more press for her fame-hungry clients: "It is not for a reality show. But of course we are hoping the press will cover it, to salute the girls and their doctors, physicians and contributors who are going to do an amazing job." 7 Worst Mistresses Of All Time

No show? What a shame. For once, we'd have good reason to call it The Boob Tube.

Photo Credit: INF