8 Ways FedEx Can Improve Your Love Life

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Who knew FedEx could improve your love life?

There is something implicitly romantic about paper mail. Go ahead and call us old fogies, but we've been reminiscing about the days when we used wall calendars instead of Google calendars, and when love letters were scrawled on personalized stationary instead of typed over email. Anything other than email and Facebook Events sound old-fashioned nowadays, but sometimes you just want to hold something in your hands. In the spirit of paper over pixels we were recently surfing the FedEx website, and came across all these services that could help you make a classic romantic gesture—FedEx, we had no idea! Here are a few things you can do.

1. Kiss up to his family. Now that the year is winding down, it's time to start thinking about sending out cards for the holiday season. If you're married or in a serious relationship, why not send out personalized photo cards showing the two of you looking happy, wholesome, and in love? Top 9 Tips For A Successful Visit With The Family

2. Create customized stationary for him. Despite our growing reliance on digital technology, it'll be awhile before we transition into paperless offices. If we're going to keep using note pads instead of email alerts, they might as well be pretty. FedEx's website offers almost a thousand templates for customized stationary, so go ahead and design one with his name on it. Order some for yourself and use them to write old-fashioned love notes for him. Or, if you're single and feeling a little saucy, print some for work. You might just impress that cute colleague working in the cubicle next door.

3. Throw him a party. Evite and Facebook invitations may be cheap and convenient, but they're not very romantic. The next time you throw him a surprise party, splurge for some traditional paper invitations. We promise he won't hate you for using one of his goofy photos for the invitation's front cover.

4. While you're at it, make a banner for that party. Plenty of people are great with crafts, but those of us who have trouble handling a pair of scissors or coloring within the lines should probably opt for pre-made banners. Sure, you could pick one up at your local office supply store, but why not use FedEx's website to create something personalized? You can either browse and modify from the available designs, or if you're a graphic design whiz, you can upload your own.

5. Make magnets out of your photos. If your partner's just a big old marshmallow of sentiment, oblige his mushy side by turning your favorite couple photos into refrigerator magnets. Or, if you're engaged, use a photo for "save the date" magnets that you can include with the wedding invitations.

6. Organize your shared life. The concept of organized clutter is rarely compatible with peace and quiet in a shared space. When you live together, arguments can spring from issues as simple as a missing file or a mislabeled box of old documents. Making the process of organizing more fun by designing and ordering your own multi-purpose labels

7. Make a calendar for you relationship.  If you're a little absentminded, use your favorite couple photos to create a desk or wall calendar pre-marked with anniversaries and dates that are important to your relationship. (Brownie points if you include his mother's birthday.) 

8. Personalize a set of return address labels. Buying a new place together? Celebrate this relationship milestone by investing in a set of return address labels printed with both of your names. Move In Together, Fight-Free

Full disclosure: FedEx didn't pay us to write this post. (Though we kind of wish they had! ;)