Links We Love: Teen Moms, Infertility and Facebook


Are we too hard on teen moms? Plus, ways to avoid nagging.

Every week, Traditional Love rounds up some of the best links to marriage and relationship news from around the web. This week, we're talking about the premier of Teen Mom and whether society is more likely to judge younger moms than older mom and can Skype really save a realtionship? It did for Kendra Wilkenson. And while we did run our own story on the show Sister Wives, we're obsessed with these non-traditional traditional relationships. Would you take on a second spouse if your faith required it? Polygamy Is About Family

Finally, infertility is a problem for many couples and if it weren't hard enough with all those teen pregnancy shows, now couples have to contend with the constant Facebook updates about babies. Would you unfriend someone for posting too much about their baby?

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