Jon Gosselin & Ellen Ross Want To Sue Taco Bell

Jon Gosselin Ellen Ross

A run-in at the Border has Gosselin and his girlfriend Ellen steamin' mad.

What a difference a year makes! In 2009, Jon Gosselin was living the fabulous life, commanding up to $12,000/pop for appearances and even sailing St. Tropez with Christian Audigier on his private yacht. (That might explain the plentiful Ed Hardy wardrobe....)

He was also attracting a revolving door of female admirers, from Deanna Hummel to Hailey Glassman to former Star reporter Kate Major (who moved on to Michael Lohan - great taste, Kate!). Fast forward to the end of '10, when Gosselin can't even do a lap of the Taco Bell drive-thru without a side of snickers and snark.

Gosselin's newest lady love, Ellen Ross, wrote a very stern letter to Taco Bell brass after the pair were "humiliated" by employees at their local TB joint. According to Ross, she and Gosselin are trying to keep a low profile these days, and weren't so receptive when drive-thru workers started snapping photos, pointing, and gossiping as they waited for their soft tacos and such. In fact, Ross even went as far as to threaten a lawsuit and demand the offending employees be terminated...immediately!

So why is Ross so protective over the former Jon & Kate Plus Eight star? Clearly, he has some sort of appeal to the ladies (though it continues to elude us - it's certainly not his supposedly petite package. Hell hath a Hailey scorned!)

It may be that he simply makes her feel special; after all, she was the first to meet his octo-clan of kids. Whether this relationship will actually go the distance remains yet to be seen, but they can be sure the cameras (albeit cell phone ones held by Taco Bell employees) probably won't stop snapping anytime soon. Jon Gosselin Introduces Girlfriend To Eight Kids

Photo Credit: INF