Facebook Shows When Breakups Most Likely

facbook breakup tracking
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Facebook status update tracking reveals the most common months and day for breakups.

March and December have been flagged as the two biggest breakup months according to a data visualization by David McCandless. His source? Facebook status updates.

Presented at last summer's TED talk, McCandless and his team looked for keywords "break up" and "broken up" in 10,000 Facebook status updates, finding a lot of people break up before social occasions like Spring Break or the holidays, though most users have enough heart to keep from ending a relationship (or at least, sharing news of it on Facebook) on Christmas Day.

We "like" this. Though it's nothing we weren't already aware of.

March means "spring cleaning," and often a ho-hum relationship that made it through the winter doldrums doesn't look so sunny come spring. December's breakup spike happens about two-to-three weeks before Christmas, which no doubt has a lil' something to do with the pressure of holidays, visiting family and gift-giving. After all, if find yourself racking your brain for a gift to give your guy of several months and realize you have NO idea what he likes, well, could be the sign of something missing. Take The YourTango Holiday Survey!

McCandless' status update-tracking also revealed Mondays to be the day most breakups are reported—as if that day's reputation isn't already depressing enough!

Readers, what do you think? Have you broken up with a loved one during these months?

Photo: iheartdaily.com