Dating profiles that are like plastic surgery.


online dating profiles are like breasts implants. They look good. They keep
your attention. Yet, upon closer inspection, there’s nothing in them that’s
real. The big difference is that most people won’t reject you over plastic
surgery (unless you’re that horrifying cat lady, Jocelyn Wildenstein, or Carrot
Top, or Mickie Rourke.)

Point is,
while an embellished profile might initially arouse the interest of potential
suitors, in the end the ruse will fall flat. No one likes liars. That’s a fact
in the same that no one likes cockroaches, pen leaks or lima beans is a fact.

I’ve seen
online dating profile photos of “slim” people wearing suspiciously large
clothes. I’ve seen other dating profiles of people claiming to earn
outrageously high incomes even though they clearly couldn’t string a sentence
together let alone hold down a job. I’ve also seen dating profile photos of
people who are apparently over 6 feet tall even though they seem surprising
teeny weenie next to the door that they’re posing next to (not the most
brilliant way to pull off a deception).

I once
when on a date with a fun, attractive guy. However, he was 6 years older than
he claimed on his profile. I understand fudging the facts so that you don’t get
left out on searches, but somewhere on your profile or in the initial emails,
you need to come clean. I never saw him again. He lied and, to me, there’s no
such thing as a “white” lie unless it’s one that’s pure of heart. He lied not
out of good intentions, but self-serving ones.

outcome of lying is never good. People who catch the red flags on your online
dating profile won’t contact you unless there’s something cagey about them too.
Those people who do go through the excitement and trepidation of a meet and
greet only to be letdown by a misrepresentation will never, ever want to see
you a second time unless, again, there’s something questionable (or desperate
or batty) about them.

advertising has consequences. In the corporate world, reputations get ruined.
Companies get sued. People lose their jobs. In the dating world, people get
angry and disappointed, while others get rejected. Don’t lie on your dating
profile. If for some reason you do lie, make the misrepresentation known
immediately in the first emails. Save yourself and others from the otherwise
inevitable consequences.

As an
online dating profile writer trained in marketing, I can honestly (like that!)
say that everyone has wonderfully unique character traits. There’s no need to
lie on your dating profile. You just need to uncover what makes you special and
know how to present them (this is where I come in).This is yet another reason
why you should hire a professional online dating profile writer (me) so that
you can maximize your chances of online dating success.


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