Married Men Who Think About Cheating

Married Men Who Think About Cheating

Why might married men think about cheating? Is it because they don’t
love our significant others? In some cases yes, but in others I don’t
think it has to do with love at all. I think that people who find
themselves thinking about cheating
will usually do so because they are either a little bored with their
sex lives, miss being single or want something a little naughtier.
Married men with children for example may want to do things sexually
with their wives that they can’t bring themselves to do (like giving a
facial). They feel like they shouldn’t degrade their wives so they think
about having an affair or finding a mistress.
Men who are married for a long time stop feeling youthful. They may
think they no longer have “it”. The only reason they would heat is to
reaffirm they are still a stud who can get women. What better way than
finding a young hottie to spend the night with commitment free. It’s
still marital infidelity, but they might be so blinded by the normalcy of their lives that they won’t realize it until after the affair.
Thinking about cheating
I something that we have probably all done and more people do it than
you might think. Have you ever thought about cheating? What was your
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