Demi Lovato: Heartbreaking Drama That Led To Rehab

Demi Lovato

The Disney teen star had a rough go in love and her personal life lately. Is there hope for her?

It's pretty clear that being a Disney star has its ups. It's like a gateway to instant fame. Not to mention being surrounded by other attractive, amazing talents... And when love blooms between co-stars and friends, it's hard to imagine that anything can go wrong when you have it all.

But then when you take Demi Lovato, the latest Disney star who's just checked herself into rehab for "emotional and physical issues," according to US Magazine, you have to wonder how much you can take when stardom and a fairy-tale like romance flip upside down in a matter of months.

First, she lands starring movie roles and romance with co-star and boyfriend Joe Jonas. Then just like that—poof!—it's over in a couple of months. But, top that off with Demi touring with her ex (and maybe first love the way she gushed back then), then seeing how close he's gotten to his new main squeeze, Ashley Greene and that's bound to take its toll on any girl even one as fierce as Demi. Joe Jonas And Ashley Greene Are Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love!

The latest that Popeater reported (a scuffle with a backup dancer who may have ratted Demi out about her partying) may really just have been the straw that broke the camel's back. But based on how things have unfolded, we wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing with her ex, Joe, really was what set things in motion.

At this point, we agree that Demi's had about as much as she can take, and we don't blame her.  Most girls get to eat ice cream or talk trash about their exes with their girlfriends or party without it making the tabloids. For Demi, it was being thrust back into the spotlight to smile about it. That's a lot for anyone to take.

But, we're thinking her decision to pull herself away from the drama to deal with her emotions is a mature thing to do. And, maybe it's a way for her to deal with it in private before any more mess makes it into the tabloids. (Like, say, rumors of a catfight with your ex-boyfriend's current girlfriend.)

And it may be a lesson to other teen stars past and present (ahem—Lindsey Lohan—ahem) that they need to really commit to solving the drama before they can get better.

In any case here's to pulling for Demi to get through this one with her head held high and ready to rock again!

Photo Credit: INF