Odd Couple Du Jour: Chelsea Handler And 50 Cent

50 Cent Chelsea Handler

Is 50 Cent just Chelsea's booty call? See what the stars have to say about this weird match.

You know what's more bizarre than cats loving dogs, or oil mixing with water, or Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent dating? Actually, that last one pretty much hit it: Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent are hanging out. And it makes perfect sense, right? Because he's a former drug dealer who made it big as a rapper and then survived being shot nine times.

And she's…the coarser, blonder, manlier version of Howard Stern. We're…surprised we didn't see the connection before. Will this improbable romance withstand the scrutiny? Will we ever stop scratching our heads and saying, "….really? They're….really?" Either way, Moonit's on the case to see what their relationship would be like.Chelsea Handler Loses Her Hot, New Boyfriend

According to Moonit's romantic assessment, Fiddy and Chelsea's three dates are bound to bloom into a beautiful, eh, brelationship. 50 Cent (born July 6, 1975) and Chelsea Handler (born February 25, 1975) "have it all: physical attraction, emotional support and a solid friendship to base it on." Their happiness is so contagious that, "even their most cynical friends are rooting for them."

Here's a classic case of never judging a book by it's cover. This "duo is so harmonious," and "when they're not making Cupid nauseous with their constant canoodling, they're both super empathetic and instinctively attuned to each other's needs and moods."

Even when they have a cranky day, they're "pretty great at sussing out the roots of each other's opinions and feelings, so when one of them cops an attitude, the other can quickly talk them down." Good to know, because have you ever actually listened to Fiddy's rhymes? Dude can get mad, y'all.

Ultimately, these two should consider turning their booty-call status into something long term, because "they'd have a terrific married life, and their future family would make the Brady Bunch look dysfunctional." So, whether Fiddy becomes "Mr. Chandler" or Chelsea becomes "Mrs. Cent," we'll keep an eye out for the wedding invite. (Sorry about the Howard Stern comment earlier. We'll have the fish entree, please.)

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