Uma Thurman's Stalker Makes Creepy Calls

Uma Thurman

Scary Thurman stalker Jack Jordan defies the law and telephones Uma on Halloween weekend.

Poor Uma Thurman! The blonde bombshell has been battling a stalker for over three years, and even though she's got a protective order against him, he still won’t leave her alone.

According to the New York Daily News, a 39-year-old man named Jack Jordan reportedly called the Kill Bill actress, 40, twice last weekend from Maryland, despite having been previously convicted of stalking and harassing her.

Although he wasn't able to talk to Uma directly, he did reportedly get a hold of her assistant and told her that Uma's boyfriend (thought to be Swiss financier Arpad Busson, whom she has been seeing since 2007) "was not good enough for her" and that Thurman should marry him instead! 

Jordan's calls couldn't have been more creepily timed. Halloween is notorious for bringing out the nuttiest in nutjobs, and most New York partygoers spend the entire weekend running around in costume. Crowds of masked people can be enough to put anyone on edge, but they must be especially terrifying for stalking victims. Uma Thurman: Back In Love With Billionaire Ex?

Thankfully, Thurman reported Jordan's inappropriate calls to the police immediately and filed a criminal complaint, so the NYPD will be on the lookout for him if he returns to New York. The stalking case dates back to 2007, when Jordan was caught lurking outside Thurman's Greenwich Village apartment, and in 2008, Uma won a 5-year protective order against him.

This was not Jordan's only instance of obsessive behavior toward Thurman, however:

Jordan, who is diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, had bombarded her with e-mails and letters, including a creepy postcard that Thurman read aloud at the trial. He even threatened to commit suicide if she dated other men.

At his sentencing, he was quoted saying, "My greatest wish is that I had known sooner that I was putting fear into the heart of [Thurman]." [Source: NY Daily News]

At the resolution of his stalking trial, Jordan was ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment and released to his family in Maryland, but it doesn’t look like this approach has resolved his issues. Let’s hope the authorities lay down the law this time around and find a way to keep Thurman safe and get this guy the help he so obviously needs. Bad Romance: 8 Worst Celebrity Stalkers

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