Are Ryan Phillippe & Amanda Seyfried Hooking Up?

Ryan Phillippe Amanda Seyfried

The pair was spotted leaving Kate Hudson's Halloween party together. Will we see more of them?

Here's a word problem: What do you get when you have a costume party on Halloween weekend, one hot young actress and a hot stud of an actor?

The answer: A pretty smokin' hookup in the form of actress Amanda Seyfried and actor Ryan Phillippe! From what we're hearing, this whirlwind love match all started Saturday at Kate Hudson's home in the Pacific Palisades. While People Magazine and Popeater are reporting that the pair looked pretty tight (with Ryan even following Amanda around), another source told E! that they may not have been as close as they seemed.

Well, whatever the case, no one's denying the actual hookup after the party, when the pair left together. And, to fan the flames, Amanda was spotted leaving Ryan's house early in the morning, giving a coy response to reporters that asked if they were an item.

"You never know," she was quoted as saying.

Talk about sparking a rumor! But, we have to say that this is one match that doesn't seem to surprise us too much. After all, as a young, cute blond actress, she seems to be right up Ryan's alley (think Reese, Abbie here). And, it may be all in good fun right now, since Amanda and Ryan are both currently on the market. Amanda Seyfried & Dominic Cooper Split Over Rumors

However, we're thinking that Amanda shouldn't get all that excited yet, given the fact that the world took Reese's side after her divorce from Ryan. And, if Amanda's star continues to rise, that may not fly all that well for Ryan, whose marriage with Reese came to a halt following her win of the Oscar. Reese Witherspoon On Divorce, Moving On

We're not quite sure what's going on, or if it's got "long-term" stamped over it. But, we will say that we can't wait for the next sight of these two!

Photo Credit: INF