Who Should Pick up the Tab on the First Date?

Buzz, Self

here~ Okay, guys, I realize you may be getting a bit confused by now,
with the “old” feminism and  the “new” feminism. 
In the old school way of thinking, the man always paid the tab,
whether it was the first date or the tenth date, right?  Then
came feminism.  In that way of thinking, it might have offended
a woman if you did things like open the door for her, let alone pay
the tab. 

days, there’s what we at the Booty Doctors call new feminism. 
It’s the idea that men and women ARE equal, but in different ways. 
We don’t try to pretend that women are just as physically strong as
men or that men are just as nurturing as women.  Please note
that I am talking about generalities here.  Of course, there are
always exceptions.  I’m sure, for example, there are women out
there that could arm wrestle the pants off some men, and there are
men out there here have more nurturing in their pinkies than some
women have in their entire bodies.

new feminists, we recognize that there are things men are better at,
like taking the lead, and taking care of women. Picking up the tab
technically falls under that category.  But how, you may be
wondering, can I be sure that the woman I’M on a date with is a
“new feminist” like the Booty Doctors?  (Unless you are out
with one of the Booty Doctors herself, that is.)  And here’s
the answer: you can’t. 

is a good bet, however, that the woman you are out with will not only
not be angry but will also appreciate your picking up the tab on the
first date.  So, here’s my advice.  Go ahead and make the
move to pick up the tab.  If there are no objections, proceed. 
If she says she wants to pay half or pay the whole thing, beware that
she may be bluffing, trying to appear generous or be polite. How can
you tell a bluff?  If she sounds weak and/or wishy-washy about
it, she’s bluffing. Don’t fall for it.  If, on the other
hand, she sounds forceful and clear, let her pay at least something. 
She may be the type to get angry if you don’t go with her wishes in
that case.