Every Guy Should Have A Mistress

Every Guy Should Have A Mistress

hursday, 28 October 2010

  • Apparantly Having A Mistress Is The Way To Go

    "I have a mistress and a wife. F*cking two women on the same day feels
    great and makes me feel like a real man! Wife doesn't know, the mistress
    does. My wife's a real nice woman, so there's no real reason to cheat,
    other than the fun of it. Lately she's been trying to be extra nice to
    me (more dirty sex, BJs and all) as she suspects I'm nibbling from a
    different plate. And the mistress is doing the same to compete with her
    and keep me happy. I'm probably the luckiest guy in the world. My life
    rocks, too bad for the women I'm using though... LOL!

    For fun ... wife's actually a nice woman, obedient, loving. So there's
    no reason to other than it is fun for me, and makes me feel good.
    Every married man to try this out."
    by Luckyguy

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