Charlie Sheen Enjoys Escorts, Throwing Hissy Fits?

Charlie Sheen
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Why you should be grateful that Charlie Sheen is not your ex (or the father of your young children.)

If it wasn't already apparent from Charlie Sheen's numerous stints in rehab, that knife-wielding incident involving his ex-wife Brooke Mueller's neck, and his apparent love of hookers, Charlie is pretty much a middle-aged version of the type of bad boy your mother warned you about. He drinks, does drugs, trashes really expensive hotel rooms, and, not unlike his character on Two and a Half Men, will sweet-talk you out of your panties before leaving you and driving off in his fancy car.

On Tuesday, the actor made headlines again, after going on a week-long cocaine bender with a hooker (or a porn star named Capri Anderson, depending on who you ask) that ended with the cops showing up to his trashed hotel room at the Plaza Hotel in New York. Reportedly, Charlie "went bonkers," as RadarOnline puts it, after he lost his wallet, cell phone, and a really expensive watch and accused the woman he was with of stealing them. Scared, she reportedly locked herself in the closet and called the police. Charlie Sheen Is Violent, Likes Threesomes

"When [the] cops got there, Charlie was so out of control they told him he could either go downtown with them, or go to the hospital. He chose the hospital," said a source to the website.

Did we mention that Charlie's two, young daughters (ages 5 and 6) were at the same hotel with him and that, according to US Magazine, he was supposedly butt-naked, drunk, and throwing furniture around the hotel room when the authorities showed up?

Although the actor himself is calling the report of his hotel antics "totally overblown and overplayed as far as the reality of the scenario," we really feel for Charlie's ex-wife, and the mother of his kids, Denise Richards. Charlie Sheen Is Going To Jail