An Affair doesn't always have to be sexual.

An Affair doesn't always have to be sexual.
Love, Heartbreak

"Many people think of cheating as a physical act, that sex or some other
sexual favor has to happen be it reciprocal or not. Intimacy is not
something that is just physical; just sex- but is sharing your thoughts
and feelings with someone- it's being totally honest with someone.
My Ex, I love him more than he'll ever know- cheated on me with my best
friend. She was in Chicago, he was with me in LA- and instead of talking
to me he was talking to her. It put a wedge between us and ruined the
relationship that me and my ex had.
My ex best friend when she came back to LA, after my ex left me- slept
with him, and end a 10+ year friendship for a lay cause her boyfriend
was back in Chicago, despite knowing my feelings, and saying she
wouldn't do it.
Worst part- she had everyone lie to me about it

by FaceInTheCrowd
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