4 Ways To Love Yourself (Without A Wedding)

 woman loving herself giving herself a hug
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Celebrate self-love: you can marry yourself like a Taiwanese woman or try these 4 things.

Thirty-year-old Chen Wei-yih of Taiwan has her wedding all planned out. She has a dress, a guest list, a reserved banquet hall, a planned honeymoon to Australia, not to mention a wedding planner. All that's missing, or rather purposefully missing, is a groom. Uninspired by ex-boyfriends and unhappy with the binding nature of tradition, Wei-yih hopes to promote self-love by marrying herself. If You Wait To Marry, Will The Good Ones Be Taken?

While we're all about self-love and the realization that it's the foundation of any successful relationship, a solo wedding might be a bit expensive for us Average Janes, not to say don't do it if you have the money to foot the bill. By all means, ladies! There is something to be said for a public declaration of love. If the idea of marriage—to another person—just ain't your thing, like Wei-yih, here are four other ways to love yourself. 9 Ways To Rebuild Your Identity After A Breakup

1. Affirmations

Our friends at Yahoo! Shine list affirmations as the first step in their guide to loving yourself, and we couldn't agree more. All you need are a few positive phrases to repeat to yourself daily, i.e., "I'm fabulous," or "I look great" (because you are and you do!). Choose anything that is applicable to you and, after a while, you'll start to believe them.

2. Have a "me" day

We're all familiar with the stresses that life brings, so it's time for you to take a personal day! Plan a day to indulge in your favorite things, whether it's reading a new book, visiting a museum, getting pampered at a spa, or taking a yoga or zumba class. Allow yourself to be completely selfish, because you deserve it.

3. Make a list

As part of the "Love Yourself" week that took place in August, Frisky staffers complied lists of 30 things they love about themselves, for example "I'm not afraid to dork out and admit I like the music that I like!" and "My long legs." We love this idea. What better way to focus on all your positives than having them listed right in front of you? Your list can consist of compliments, personality quirks, ambitions or goals you've accomplished—anything, large or small, that makes you proud to be you.

4. Rock out

Flying solo can be lonely, at times, but there are plenty of single lady jams to keep your spirits up when you're feeling low. Some of our favorites are (if you don't already have them downloaded) "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On it)" by Beyonce, "Since U Been Gone," by Kelly Clarkson, "I Don't Need A Man," by the Pussycat Dolls, or  "Don't Rain On My Parade" by either Barbara Streissand or the Glee cast.

How do you celebrate yourself? Tell us in the comments.