Don't Have Any Standards? That's Why You're Single


Don't know what qualities you're looking for in a boyfriend? Time to grab a pen and make a list.

Often I think to myself, You know what, [Redacted]? You're a really simple guy with very basic needs. Congratulate yourself with some beer. 

So I do, because I am. There are so few things I really want or need from a woman. And some people think that's why I haven't found one.

I've had countless friends ask me (for the purposes of setting me up, or out of frustration that the "plus one" I bring to their parties is a bottle of Old English 800 smuggled into my sport coat) what exactly I'm looking for in a girl. Some have even gone so far as to suggest that I list my ideal qualities in a girl so as to have less horrible luck finding one. lemondrop: A Dating Site That Matches You Based on Your Favorite Books

But you know what? I don't have ideal qualities.

Look, all I'm looking for in a girl is one I'm attracted to who likes me. I'm not asking for much here. I'd love a gal who I can talk to about books and movies and how there should be a Geneva Convention exemption to torture people who ride their bicycles on the sidewalks ... But I'd take one who couldn't if there was Something Between Us. lemondrop: Esquire's American Woman Survey Reveals—What Men Want to Know

Theoretically, this seems like I should be dating more women. But I'm not.

I don't require that a woman be some kind of perfect combination of smarts and looks and poise. Could she even be a bit of a party animal, and happen to have a slightly sketchy alcohol intake and occasionally lose entire Sundays afternoons to Netflix and bong rips? A bit of a dork? A bit of a ne'er-do-well? Yes, she could. This is how unbelievably laid back I am about this. lemondrop: Men Want to Get Close to a Lady in Red

Guys? Maybe I'm too easy.

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Written by [Redacted] Guy for lemondrop