Stealing Couple Moments During Family Time

loving couple in foreground daughter in background with balloons

How we found moments to connect amidst the chaos of family life.

On family vacations, we've sometimes been lucky enough to get a suite with two bedrooms, or a bedroom with an adjoining living room and pull-out couch. With the kids in one room and the parents in the other, we've been able to find some definite adult time!

We take family walks, and the kids sometimes bring scooters, rollerblades or bikes. They zoom ahead of us and we have quiet time to walk and talk.

When we watch a movie as a family, my husband and I sometimes snuggle together on the couch while watching. The physical contact makes us feel connected without a word. Holding Hands Is Ridiculously Good For You

We've often been able to reconnect while sitting in the stands at our son's hockey games. There's lots of quiet time before games start to share some hot cocoa and conversation (or just read the paper together), and it's a time when we aren't interrupted by anything.

A ritual we've developed over the years is that my husband calls me when he's leaving the office at the end of the day. This started so that I would know how to time dinner, but it's become a moment I look forward to every day. We're alone on the phone, no matter what chaos is occurring around me at the moment. We can share snippets of how our days went, and touch base before we jump into family dinner time. How To Balance Family Time And Couple Time

We've often felt most connected when we were enjoying our children together. Sitting together at a recital or celebrating a birthday, catching each other's eyes in amazement at the wonderful things our kids do and say, has always made us feel close, and very much in love. There is great joy for us in experiencing what we've created together.

I've come to believe that it's not necessary to schedule a big date night all that often when we're able to find these moments of connection in the midst of our busy, everyday lives.