Stealing Couple Moments During Family Time

loving couple in foreground daughter in background with balloons

How we found moments to connect amidst the chaos of family life.

There are weeks and weeks that go by in this house without any real couple time. As long as there have been kids, couple time has been in short supply. When they were babies, I was breastfeeding, and leaving them was next to impossible. When they were little kids, finding a sitter was expensive and difficult. Now that my kids are in the tween and teen years, we could easily leave them for a night out, but feel guilty because they want to do whatever we're doing, so we end up bringing them along.

Over the years, we've learned to find ways to have couple moments instead of couple dates. These are times when, somehow, in the midst of whatever family activity we're doing, we find a way to interact with each other in an intense or deep way, reaffirming our connection to each other.

Some couple moments we've found:

When on vacation and taking a nighttime family walk on the beach, we've let the kids run ahead. Lagging behind them, we've held hands, looked at the stars and snuck in a kiss or two. These are some of the most romantic moments in my memory.

While having an outdoor dinner at a restaurant where cats were roaming around, we've let the kids pet them and follow them around (in our view, of course) while we managed some deep adult conversation. This has also worked at places with fish tanks, dogs, birds and other wildlife.

When our kids were younger, we often had enjoyable moments together on park benches as the kids played and explored nearby. There’s something so comforting about being together as parents, but also being together as a couple at the same time. These were always warm moments. 3 Zen Ways To Keep Connected After Having Kids