Facebook Will No Longer Show Pictures Of Your Ex

Heartbreak, Self

Facebook has finally appeased people tired of seeing their exes in the Photo Memories box.

You know that ritual where people toss out pictures and mementos from past relationships? A couple of months ago, Facebook ruined that for millions of heartbroken people after it began displaying pictures of their exes in the Photo Memories module. If Photo Memories has ever ambushed you with bittersweet reminders of happier times, you'll be glad to know that Facebook has finally taken measures to stop exes from showing up in your profile. 

Facebook determines who appears in your Photo Memories box by using an algorithm for analyzing the profiles you interact with the most. Naturally, you'd comment on or visit your significant other's page more frequently, which means that Facebook is also more likely to summon their photos even years after a breakup. Detagging yourself from pictures with an ex doesn't work, as Photo Memories will glean anything tagged with one of your Facebook friends. Chances are, if the two of you have mutual friends, you'll see an ancient photo of him at a birthday party both of you attended five years ago.  And boy, do we not like being reminded of how cute he looked in a man-cardigan or how cuddly we were during the first six months of dating. I Facebook-Stalk My Ex's New Girlfriend

Not surprisingly, the feature didn't fly well with people who were trying to move on. Almost 600 embittered users joined a group "I HATE PHOTO MEMORIES," which implored Facebook to cease the onslaught of awkward reminders. In response to complaints, Photos Project Manager Sam Odio announced that the module would no longer display tagged pictures of friends you were previously listed as "in a relationship with." 5 Most Annoying Facebook Couples

While the change should alleviate a whole lot of angst, it doesn't help users who never made their relationships official over Facebook. Nor does it ease the heartache caused by unrequited love, or even nostalgia over a long-forgotten booty call. Sure, your ex-boyfriend may disappear from Photo Memories, but the male you pined over for two years will probably show up once or twice. Plus, the new changes can't prevent you from seeing photos of your current squeeze and his ex-girlfriends, or vice versa.

While the revised algorithm isn't perfect, we do appreciate Facebook for trying. We know they're listening to our feedback, so maybe at some point, they'll allow users to personalize or disable Photo Memories entirely. 10 Twitter And Facebook Dating Red Flags