A Taboo Social Truth not found in any Library

A Taboo Social Truth not found in any Library

When I first went to Russia in 2002, I was mesmerized at how
approachable, open and relaxed people were, especially the young women.
It was surreal and unimaginable. Coming from America and Taiwan, I was
used to only old people and little children being open and relaxed, not
young attractive women, which in my cultures are the LEAST open and
approachable. In Russia, I kept pinching myself to see if I was
dreaming, but I wasn't. It was real! I had discovered the "holy grail" of dating and social life.

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But the problem was, this "holy grail" was a huge social taboo, so taboo
in fact that you will not find it mentioned in any book or publication.
You see, in any culture, you are NOT allowed to say that people are
anti-social, uptight and closed. You are only allowed to either say that
everyone/most people are friendly and wonderful, or blame yourself for
your own self-deficiencies. But you are NEVER allowed to blame the
social culture or environment, no matter how justified it may be to do

In fact, if you go to the largest public library, you will not find any
book or publication stating that people in any particular culture are
uptight, anti-social, closed and unapproachable, or that some cultures
are more open and sociable than others. Neither will you find any book
in your library that mentions the reality of this "holy grail", for to do so would violate the social taboo mentioned above. The closest thing to it would be sociology/cultural studies textbooks which mention that some cultures are more individualistic while others are more collectivist.

The actual and obvious truth is that in Anglo and Oriental workaholic cultures (e.g. USA, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea), people live a highly materialistic and segregated lifestyle devoid of human connection. The purpose of their life is business and productivity, and life iself is reduced to a business resource.
The society and media evaluates its citizens in terms of economic
functions (e.g. workers, tax payers, consumers, etc.) rather than as
human beings with spirit, feelings and passion. As a result, people
become machines, stiff and repressed, devoid of romance and passion.

It's bad enough that we are all slaves programmed to "think" that we are
free, but what's sickening is that no matter how obvious the truth is
about anti-sociality in these cultures, you are NOT ALLOWED to mention
or talk about it. Thus truth itself has become a taboo. That's

Whatever the case, it does seem that the more materialistic people's
lifestyles become, the less social they are and the less human
connection there is. With wealth and "economic growth" comes loneliness
and social disconnectedness. But of course, the media NEVER mentions
this, cause it's a total taboo. Instead, the media always sees economic
growth as a win-win situation for everybody without trade-offs. It's as
if you are supposed to deny and suppress your need for human connection
or companionship. That's really sick.

Even in First World European nations there is still a lot of romantic passion and soul
in their culture and people. But somehow, this seems to be lacking in
the USA and the Oriental cultures of workaholic East Asia, which is
totally robotic and stiff. The regimented socializing that does take
place in such workaholic cultures is usually fake, artificial, uptight,
pretentious and a cliche rather than a truly flowing interactive

The men in these countries are in the worst position, because the young
women in workaholic societies tend to be the LEAST approachable and open
among the whole demographic, and the MOST uptight, closed and
anti-social. They can afford to be that way because with money, they
don't need men, and without passion, they have no need for connection
either. Thus they can become masculine and harbor a disdain for men (as
they do in the USA).

But in lesser developed countries that are economically repressed, the
women have fewer choices, so they have to be sweeter and more feminine
and develop better inner and outer qualities. This makes such cultures a
"dating paradise" for men from First World cultures, who are treated
far better, more appreciated, and have far more choices among attractive
females as well.

A growing number of men in First World nations are beginning to realize this and capitalize on this "big secret" and "holy
grail", but the media still considers it a taboo subject and would
never cast it in a positive light. That's what makes the media sick.
They want us to be dumbed down repressed robotic work slaves who live in
fear and obey whatever they are told on TV, rather than become
enlightened with the truth. Anything outside of the media's narrow box
is ridiculed or marginalized by them with trashy non-intellectual
soundbytes of a herd mentality.

But of course, even talking about all this is a total taboo. Most people
would rather hear deceit rather than the truth, according to many great
thinkers, writers and intellectuals (e.g. Mark Twain, George Bernard
Shaw, Eric Fromm, Frederich Nietzsche, HL Mencken, RD Lang, Marcus
Aurelius, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ayn Rand, Oscar Wilde, etc.)

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