Love Bytes: How To Recover From A Drunk Text

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Oops you did it again? 12 must-click links to get you through the weekend.

Before you go out for another marathon weekend of drunk texting, vibrator buying and mooning after your sociopath non-boyfriend, check out some of these twelve links from our Internet besties. Empower thyself!

Unhappy with your sex life? Here's what to tweak in order to get things right. [AOL Health]

Everything first-time vibrator buyers need to know before buying the batteries. [glo]

Wendy Atterberry gives out advice to a girl whose size 8 frame isn't good enough for her boyfriend. [The Frisky]

This isn't an issue of you letting yourself go; this is an issue of your boyfriend wanting you to change before he fully commits to you. Screw that. You aren't a custom-made object your boyfriend can order to his particular liking. If he isn't attracted or interested enough to accept you exactly how you are now, you shouldn't waste any more time investing in a relationship that will probably have a short shelf life. Move on and find someone who doesn't give your self-esteem a beating.

No one likes a whiner, mmmk? Here's how to stop. [HuffPo]

Study reveals the one hour of the day that you are most likely to get what you want from your man. [lemondrop]

Ugh. You drunk text too? Here's how to face the aftermath with dignity. Definitely a "must read." [Crushable]

Sex v. Masturbation: One woman shares why she perfers the latter. And she has a point. [The Gloss]

These six politicians, all up for election or reelection on November 2nd, constitute serious threats to our sexual liberties. [Nerve]

Couple says "I do" during a marathon. Is it bad if we roll our eyes at this story? [Glamour]

He loves me (tear petal). He loves me not (tear petal). Time to put down your flower and listen to this dude tell you how it really is. [College Candy]

Sexy, sinful, sickening... What's your take? Photo Gallery: The history of women smoking. [tresugar]

Is Beyonce pregnant? Here's some astrological insight into her relationship with Jay-Z. [Moonit]

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