Jonah Hill Admits He's No Stud With The Ladies

Jonah Hill

Even as a celebrity, Jonah Hill continues to strike out with models. Surprising? Not so much.

Here's a truth we're just going to put out there: Get Him to the Greek star Jonah Hill, while hilarious, is not one we'd imagine to be a stud with the ladies. Sure, there are guys in Hollywood that, even without their money or VIP status, would still be able to have their way with women. Then there are the ones we're just plain ol' confused about (read: Simon Cowell & two THOUSAND women?) But Hill? Not quite.

Interestingly enough, unlike some other guys in Tinseltown, he's aware of that, too, having recently been quoted as saying:

"Models didn't go out with me before I was famous, so if they were to go out with me now, it's not 'cause they think I'm a great guy." 

You can't blame the guy for not knowing the score, that's for sure.

And, to back-up that comment, the actor didn't seem to have a good run in of it with the ladies either. Apparently, Page Six is reporting that Hill was out in SoHo recently when he tried to put the moves on some Columbian and Brazilian models who didn't know who he was and didn't reciprocate.

Now, normally we might feel bad and want to root for the sweet underdog. But we're wondering what the deal is given the fact that the actor is reported to have a long-term girlfriend - making it that much sketchier that he's trying to bag some models just because. Hottie or not, infidelity is just pretty high on the sketchy radar.

We think that if Hill can avoid drama and maybe not focus so much on model-types, then maybe he can win 'em over with charm and funny, like Kevin Smith or even Jack Black. Maybe...

Photo Credit: INF