Glee' Cast Strips For Naughty 'GQ' Photo Shoot

Glee' Cast Strips for Naughty 'GQ' Photo Shoot

In the November issue, two Glee
stars abandon their squeaky-clean image for something more along the
lines of the ultimate school girl fantasy.

Lea Michele and Dianna Agron posed
in various stages of undress for a sexy photo shoot with
Cory Monteith. It's a racy move that some fans --
including this writer -- are deeming entirely inappropriate not
to mention disappointing for all fans going crazy to watch Glee
if only because ...

Where are the
half-naked male Glee stars

Instead, we get a fully clothed Monteith (I'm talking multiple layers
including pea coat) playing drums and sitting at a desk. He -- along
with Matthew Morrison and Mark Salling (and
whomever else I'm forgetting) -- is just as ridiculously attractive as
Michele and Agron. Why should fans of the male stars be so deprived?

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Sexist jokes aside (and, yes, I know that GQ is a men's
magazine), some critics wondered why the cast was so willing to shed
their family-friendly image. Even the stars themselves were surprised by
the raciness of the photos. Argon, in particular, was uncomfortable
with the shoot. She said

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When it was just Lea and me, I was like "We're in skimpy clothes,
we're up against each other." This is feeding those rumors ... I've
never been shot in so little clothing.

And, even Michele admitted to being a little camera shy, saying: "I
don't know how they got me to do half the stuff I did."

Somehow she found a way to get over it.

In the accompanying article, the writer discusses why it is that Glee
is the most popular comedy on television and suggests that the success
of the show has something to do with it being "anti-gender
stereotyping." It's curious, then, as to why the photo shoot would be
the exact opposite.

Ryan Murphy said, “It’s important to send this message to the kids
about bullying and the effect it can have, [and] we have to send it to
the parents. We have to send it to the teachers. … Parents and the
administration need to take responsibility.”

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That’s a great step taken by the creator of Glee.

Guys, Glee will be the best platform to respond to the death of the
gay teens, because the audience of Glee includes both kids and adults

To see the rest of racy Glee photos, click the link. Guys, before going any further, lemme tell you that you can watch
Glee episodes

What do you think of the Naughty 'GQ' Photo Shoot  ?

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