Halloween Costumes: Fun For The Whole Family?

mom and daughter dressed up for halloween

How I was convinced to dress up as a family.

She was too sincere in her enthusiasm for me to be offended that she didn't automatically think of me as Glinda, the pretty blonde. (Besides, Ive seen Wicked, the musical. I know that Elphaba was misunderstood, and the real heroine.) Almost without realizing it, I agreed to be the witch and, without consulting him, signed my husband up to be the Tin Man.

I knew he wouldn't mind. He's never worried about what people think of him, and this is actually one of the things that makes him such a great dad. Awkwardness never interferes with him having a great time with the kids. When I called and told him we were doing the Wizard of Oz as a family, his reaction was to laugh and ask, "So am I the Tin Man or the Scarecrow?" How Halloween Helped Our Relationship

And just like that, we've become the family that dresses up together. I called my adult friends and explained we wouldn't be able to make this year's party, then sent out an evite inviting my daughter's friends to come trick-or-treating with us instead. I'm sure that I'm gonna feel a twinge of embarrassment when, decked out in green face paint, I bump into the neighbors. But I'm going to suck it up. Because in a few short years, about the time we're having a fight over the thigh-highs, I imagine, my daughter will be mortified for us to dress up, much less dress up as a family.

And in spite of my initial reluctance, planning the costumes has been a blast. Our kids are hilarious, and laughing with them is great. Laughing with them and with my husband has provided me with some of my favorite times ever. I'm excited about doing the family costume. What originally was going to be a fun date night is now a night I'm really looking forward to as a family. We Celebrate Halloween As A Family

So maybe you'll see us out and about that night. I'll be the one in the striped green tights, my pretty.

And I know it's not a competition but, if it were, I think we may end up giving the Incredibles a run for their money.