Only End One Relationship!

Heartbreak, Family

By Caitlin Goldberg, BounceBack Editorial Staff 

When you’ve just had your heart broken, you will lean on the other relationships in your life. One initial part of the process of bouncing back is the crying, venting, talking and whining you’re sure to do with your friends. Of course that’s what friends are for, but don’t forget that these relationships can be broken too if they're not handled with respect, honesty, and caring. In fact, your other relationships are more important than the one that’s just ended - namely because your friends are still around and always will be. So, be sure to be considerate of your friends when talking to them about your relationship breakup or divorce.

It’s a common phenomenon that we suddenly can forget our friends exist when involved with a romantic partner. It’s important to be careful that you don’t wear your friends out by talking their ear off about your ex, especially if you were at all negligent of your friendships while you were wrapped up in the person who has broken your heart. You may not even realize that you were negligent of your friends, but they may feel this way and it's up to you to respect that. If this is the case for you - be extra careful when rebuilding your friendships by talking minimally about your ex, and when friends give you advice, acknowledge and appreciate it.

Since you are now free to have as many girls' or guys’ nights out as you want - don’t ruin them by talking about the one you should be trying to forget! Let your friends take you out and truly enjoy their company; they will be able to tell if you are only thinking about the past. This is one of those things that’s easier said than done, but if you make a conscious effort to enjoy the people in your life who want you in their lives too - you will be on your way to bouncing back!