Links We Love: Free eBook For Your Marriage

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Free eBook with advice on making your marriage successful and more links we love.

Every week, Traditional Love rounds up the most interesting and helpful love and marriage links from around the web. We do this, because we cannot physically force your spouse to empty the dishwasher. But we can link to articles that tell you how to make them do chores. This week, we're talking about getting fit in your marriage and a free eBook of Marriage Gems, just for you.

Lori Lowe of Marriage Gems has a free ebook that outlines 10 steps for marriage success. And, did I mention it's free? [Lori Lowe]

You can also visit Lori's site and enter to win Private Affair, The Erotic Game of Secrets, Plans and Promises for Couples. Head on over there and get your married, sexy self a gift. [Marriage Gems]

Our very own, Stu Gray, wrote a sassy and insightful post on teasing your spouse, in a good way. Not in a "ha ha, you tripped again" way. [The Marry Blogger14 Things That Lead To A Sexless Marriage

Being a mom and being married can sometimes have a damper on one of your most important relationships: your siblings. [Patch]

It's a miner miracle that the Chilean miners are free. But as it turns out, tragedy can sometimes force your wife and your mistress to meet and in the end, you might want to crawl back down the hole. [NY Daily News]

Everyone wants to be flattered, but do you know how to flatter your man? [SheKnows]

Get your marriage and your body in shape. The new site Fit Marriage shows you how. [Fit MarriageHow To Get Him To Work Out

Is marriage really on the decline? This economist says, "no way." [NY Times]

Whether you are married or living together, you need to protect your assets. [USA TodayMust-Read Tips For Combining Your Finances