True Love For "True Blood" Star


True Blood's resident werewolf is set to marry actress/model Audra Marie.

Strike another blow for "True Blood" devotees: just days after learning that smokin' Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth are indeed still together, fellow star Joe Manganiello announces that he's also off the market—for good. (Pause for collective sigh.) The object of the on-screen werewolf's off-screen lust is Audra Marie, a stunning blond actress and model who was also one of Spike TV's "Girls of 2009." Is Kate Bosworth Ruining Alexander Skarsgard?

But lest you think Marie jumped on the "True Blood" bandwagon for fame-seeking, think again. Manganiello and Marie actually met months before he began work on the show, the actor told People. And true to werewolf form, Manganiello's interest was piqued when Marie wanted nothing to do with him after their first meeting at a Super Bowl party—after all, a chase makes it so much more exciting to catch its prey! "She wouldn't go out with me for six months," lamented Manganiello, who used to break hearts on "One Tree Hill."

Apparently, Manganiello won over Marie, who waxed poetic to People about "his sense of humor, work ethic and how humble he is with everything that has gone on." And, of course, the recent proposal in Italy didn't hurt, either! No wedding date for the pair of hotties just yet, which suits Manganiello's wolf pack of fans just fine.