Top 9 Tips For A Successful Holiday Visit With The Family

Top 9 Tips For A Successful Visit With The Family
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Meeting the family can be stressful, so we've collected nine ways to make your visit a success.

8. Stay positive. If things start heating up, "consciously remind yourself that you're there because your spouse loves these people and you love your spouse, so honor your spouse by learning to be with them... somehow!" advises Taylor.

Can't figure out how to appreciate them? Focus on the positive, says Coopersmith. "Even if it requires cocktails to conjure up some creativity, come up with at least three things, even very tiny, far-reaching things that you find good about them. They did a bang-up job raising their son, right? Ok, check! Only two more to go. By focusing on the positive, you will begin to see them in a more promising light and subsequently all of their irritating qualities won't grate on you so much."

9. Be yourself. "Ultimately, be yourself. You might have to stretch a bit, but just be yourself. [His family] will get to know the real person who their loved one has fallen for, and that is priceless!" says Passeri.

And what if they don't like the real you? Well, it happens. "Everyone hopes their in-laws will like them, but sometimes that just isn't how they feel. Don't try to change so they'll like you. Be true to yourself and show them why they should love the real you," says Taylor.