Is The Vampire Dating Trend Over Yet?

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Your love for Edward Cullen isn't charming any more.

This week, on Lyz on Love (a video round up of relationships news), is talking vampires and not just in the movies. In sum: While vampires might have been charming, back in the early days of the Twilight craze, they've ceased to amuse me. There is nothing endearing about drinking blood. In fact, I would say that drinking blood is a huge red flag. Relationships are complicated enough. No need to add blood-sucking to the mix. Is Twilight Bad For Your Love Life?

Despite my vampire haterism, there are quite a few of you out there pining for Edwards of your own, and it's actually started to affect how we see and how we approach relationships. Fortunately for my relationship, I'm team Jacob. Which works out well, because my husband is kind of a hairy guy.

But vampires aren't just hypothetical. There are real vampires out there, people who either drink blood or claim to feed off the energy of others. Would you date a real-life vampire? Are you still vampire obsessed? Or do you agree with me that it's time to move on to venerating another mystical creature. May I suggest the swamp thing. 

In all fairness, I've never dated a vampire. But I am married to a Republican, so I feel like that makes me at least an marginal expert on the topic of bloodletting (zing!). Let me know what you think. When To Talk Politics In A New Relationship


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