Kendra Wilkinson Leaving Her Husband For LA?

Kendra Wilkinson Leaving Her Husband For LA?

The reality star refuses to move to Minnesota with her husband, Hank Baskett.

Oh, the things we do for love! Hugh Hefner's one-time girlfriend, Kendra Wilkinson, who left the Playboy Mansion to marry football giant (as in gigantic, huge, seriously tall), Hank Baskett and start a family, is apparently fed up with married life. The buxom blond (along with the camera crew for her reality TV show) moved with Baskett, as he bounced around from the Minnesota Vikings to the Indianapolis Colts to the Philadelphia Eagles and back to Minnesota—all in the past two years. Sheesh! That's a whole lot of moving around—we're exhausted just thinking about it! Kendra Wilkinson Talks About Sex With Hef 

So not surprisingly, Life & Style is reporting that Kendra has finally had enough of the city-hopping and has decided to pack her bags and 10-month-old son up and move back to LA—for good. A source told the magazine that the reality star wants some stability, not to mention LA's where it's at if she wants to be a big star.

"In her mind, it's not her fault Hank can't keep a job," the insider told the magazine. "She has a job too—plus friends in LA and family in San Diego. She's not going to Minnesota and destroy her career."

Yikes! Looks like Hank either needs to see if the 49ers or Chargers are looking for a wide receiver, or he's gotta get used to the long distance thing (or retire) if he wants to see much of his family. We totally get that Kendra's sick of moving from place to place and wants to focus on her career too, but our friends at Celebitchy insist that considering Kendra's reality show will follow the couple wherever they go, she could technically work in Minnesota—if she cared about making her marriage work.

But it kinda seems like the 25-year-old has bigger professional plans than just a reality show, and maybe she's not ready to settle down. Come on, the girl used to party it up at the Playboy Mansion—did Baskett really think she'd be okay just chilling in the Midwest? Plus, she's a California girl at heart, so those Minnesota winters can't be easy on her. We hate to say it, but maybe she should have waited a few years before getting married and popping out a kid. Sure, Hank seems like a great guy (he even convinced her NOT to get lipo and stood by her during that sex tape scandal), but it doesn't sound like Kendra's ready to deal with the sacrifices and compromises you gotta make when you have a family. After all, the girl could hardly deal with a little post-pregnancy pudge! Will Kendra's Sex Tape Ruin Her Marriage?

Still, Kendra and Hank's predicament goes to show that no matter how much money or fame you have, trying to balance two different careers and one relationship is never easy.

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