Astrology Weighs In On The Cox/Arquette Split


After 11 years, one of Hollywood's unlikely couples have now separated.

News recently broke that, after one adorable daughter and 11 years of improbable togetherness, Courteney Cox and David Arquette are calling it quits. Not to rub salt in the wound, but to be totally honest, we never really…got it. Courteney has always been elegant and accessible, while David’s public image consistently paints him as a world-class doofus. Not that there’s anything wrong with doofuses (doofii?). 12 Relationship Red Flags

It’s just that Courteney always seemed like the type who'd really enjoy Jon Stewart, while David seemed like he'd rather spend an evening with a hand buzzer and a whoopie cushion. Why did these opposites finally lose their attraction? Or were they more similar than they seemed? Moonit’s here to find out.

According to their birth dates, if Courteney (born on June 15, 1964) and David (born on Sept 8, 1971) were looking for a soft and fluffy relationship filled with a lot of “no, you hang up first!”s, they should have looked somewhere else. Despite being the “cub” of the relationship, David’s actually “got quite a level head on his shoulders” and always “seems to have a way of taking a step back to analyze the situation with a cool and objective eye.”

In fact, he can be “so detached from the situation that he seems to be having some kind of out of an out-of-body experience.” This is quite a contrast to Courteney’s “energetic and involved approach to anything she does.” Believe it or not, she’s been “really lucky to have him around…whenever issues crop up, she knows he can be trusted to give his unbiased opinion.”

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