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In A Relationship? When To Announce On Facebook

In A Relationship? When To Announce On Facebook

Back in the day (and by that, we mean "Happy Days"), a gal would announce her relationship status to the world by strutting around the sock hop in her saddle shoes and poodle skirt with her boyfriend's letter jacket draped jauntily over her shoulders. What simple times: sharing malts, necking at the drive-in, ferreting out Commies together... Those were the days. lemondrop: How Do I Know When a Relationship Is Exclusive?

Today, asking yourself "What would Pinky Tuscadero do?" is not apt to yield fruitful results. With the explosion of social networking sites like Facebook, suddenly the status of your relationship becomes fodder for 1,001 "friends." lemondrop: Can Having Too Many Facebook Friends Ruin Your Social Life?

If you're dating someone but don't mention it on your profile, people (including Loverboy) may start wondering just how serious you guys are. On the other hand, if you update your status to "in a relationship" too soon, your guy will think you're either psychotic or creepin' on the side. So, what's a woman who's interested in handling a potentially complicated situation with some courtesy and class to do? lemondrop: Would You Defriend Your Ex on Facebook?

Written by Liz Scott for lemondrop