The Many Reasons Why You And He Are Platonic

Love, Family

Redacted Guy gives explains the motivations behind your best guy friend not sleeping with you.

You may have read the series on platonic friendships over at Slate that I felt compelled to write about this week. If you haven't, go do it. I'll wait.

After reading Juliet Lapidos' articles about her nonsexual relationship with a guy named Jeff, I'm once again reminded of how lucky we are to be alive now instead of, say, in the 16th century, when bro hangs between men and women were uncommon and dying of the plague was not. lemondrop: I'm In Love With My Best Friend

Juliet surveyed around 600 readers in an attempt to divine the mysteries of boy-girl friendship, something she holds very near and dear herself. In the initial post, she quotes platonic nonbelievers from James Joyce to Nora Ephron, and laments, "Why am I bombarded with the idea that what Jeff and I have cannot exist?" lemondrop: What Happened When I Tried to Turn a Boy Friend Into a Boyfriend

Over the course of my life, I've been similarly bombarded; women have accounted for a good percentage of my best friends. Granted, the first of these best friends was initially a major crush, but that was 20 years ago. (We had biology class together. I was 12. She wore tight jeans.) She's still my best friend. Hell, she lives across the hall from me. She's been one of many girls I've been take-one-of-my-kidneys-close to over the years. lemondrop: Can Men and Women Be 'Just Friends' As Adults?

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