Rumer Willis Hooking Up With New Glee Hunk


Rumer is already over her ex-boyfriend and moving on with Aussie star, Chord Overstreet.

It sure didn't take long for Rumer Willis to get over her ex-boyfriend, Micah Alberti. Although Rumer was "rumored" (sorry, we couldn't help ourselves) to be devastated after Alberti dumped her (the duo had been together for two years), Bruce and Demi's daughter quickly recovered. In fact, it looks like Rumer has been taking cues from her mother, judging by her latest arm candy. Rumer Willis Splits With Boyfriend Micha Alberti

According to Life & Style, Rumer fled to Las Vegas with friends to mend her broken heart. And as fate would have it, the newest hottie on the Glee block, Chord Overstreet (and yes, that's really his name) just happened be in Vegas partying with friends too. Although the two, who bumped into each other at a party, just briefly chatted (or so say sources), a week later they were spotted in Beverly Hills "holding hands, giggling and occasionally kissing."

Well, way to go Rumer! Rebounding with this Australian stud (did you see that smile?!?!) is a pretty nice way to show your ex what he's missing. And considering that Chord is now part of one of the hottest shows on TV, his stock is seriously rising. So Willis was smart to grab him while he was still on his way up. We just hope that he doesn't fall for the other blond Glee hottie—yep, we're talking about Dianna Agron (aka Quinn Fabray). We're thinking if things don't work out with Rumer and sparks begin to fly on set, the two gorgeous blondes could be the next Brad and Jen (pre-Angelina of course) with their complimentary California looks. (Not that we're trying to play matchmaker or anything...) 3 Things Glee Teaches Us About Love

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