Men Find All Clothing Promiscuous (Besides Parkas)

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The fashion that makes women look "easy," according to men that know nothing about fashion.

The Daily Mail has a question for you: "Are the season's top fashion trends giving men the wrong message?"

Turns out, yes! Not just the season's top trends, but almost everything in your closet. (Muumuus and parkas are safe—shocker!)

Fashion website mycelebrityfashion.co.uk polled 1,348 men about "promiscuous" women's fashion. The number one offender? Bodycon dresses—think the super-tight bondage frocks you're sick of seeing on the red carpet—which 57 percent of men said made a woman look "easy." Over half of men also named crop tops as a top offender (whatever: 1999 can keep 'em).

But it's not just the tight and mini that men find promiscuous: it's also the frilly, feminine trends we love, like a lace top paired with a pencil skirt, clocking in at #4 and #6, respectively.

Your footwear is super slutty, too. 32 percent of men said that knee-high boots made women look easy, while 29 percent pointed the finger at stiletto heels. 5 Fashion Trends Men Hate

We can't help but ask—where did they find these men? We must have missed the Misogyny Parade when it was rolling through town.  Not only did the guys surveyed have a clear idea of what clothing they find "easy," but they also apparently have no qualms telling a woman so: One in three men said that he doesn't like his partner to wear tight clothing on a night out and a quarter went as far as saying that they would forbid their wife or girlfriend from wearing something they disapproved of on a night out. Just going out on a limb here, but how many of those guys do you think were referring to hypothetical wives and girlfriends? Do Men Prefer A Pretty Face Or A Curvy Bod?

It's also hard not to take these results with a grain of salt: another recent survey by the same website polled 1,300 men and found them... sort of clueless. Only 9 percent of the men even knew what a bodycon dress was—most thought it was a fitness convention or a piece of gym equipment.

It only gets more hilarious from there: 27 percent of men said a bandeau was a 1980s music festival, 10 percent thought a halter-neck was a kind of rollercoaster (27 percent thought it was a brace used for treating whiplash). And a third of men thought hosiery was a kind of gardening appliance and chiffon, a cleaning product.

Ladies, what do you say? Would you give up the shortest and tightest items in your closet because your guy thought it was promiscuous... or a piece of gardening equipment?