Jason Sudeikis Feels Fat Next To January Jones

January Jones Jason Sudeikis

The SNL actor has gone on a diet in order to compete with his slim, Mad Men actress girlfriend.

Did you ever have a nice, but somewhat average-looking, friend that started dating a really hot guy and then freaked out because she didn't think that she was good-looking enough to go out with him and overcompensated by exercising 8 hours a day and eating nothing but parsley? Well, if you happen to live in New York and hang out with television celebrities, Jason Sudeikis could be that friend.

We think someone should tell the 35-year-old SNL actor that he looks totally fine in photographs because, according to US Magazine, Jason has been insisting to friends that he looks "puffy" standing next to his girlfriend of 3+ months, January Jones, on the red carpet. And, consequently, the comedian has gone on a liquid juice diet, in hopes of slimming down and making himself look more like a Brad Pitt-style leading man. Is January Jones The New Jennifer Aniston?

"He put on a few pounds this summer," said an insider to the magazine. "January is so gorgeous and thin, it’s hard to look good next to her."

Reportedly, Jason is subsisting on 6 bottles of juice a day, or around 1100 calories. (Is he trying to fit into a sample size? That sounds way too low for a man!) Last week, an eyewitness even saw him downing 2 juice bottles at a NYC restaurant while a friend ate a regular meal. Jason Sudeikis And January Jones: It Is On

Maybe it's because he's now constantly photographed by the paparazzi who couldn't have cared less about him before he started dating an A-list actress or maybe January is one of those controlling girlfriends who nitpicks about everything he eats, but either way, the fact that Jason feels inferior to his Mad Men squeeze, weight-wise, is not a good sign that the relationship will last.

Although Jason's real friends reportedly think that January is an "airhead" and "don't understand why he's dating her," much less dieting for her, if Jason was our pal, we'd tell him that January is lucky to have him and don't be afraid of a few carbs! The best comedians in history have always had a little extra pudge on them, so eating some solid food once in a while might just be good for your career, Jason! Jason Sudeikis Defends January Jones' Emmy Dress

Photo Credit: US Magazine

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