Smile your way to success

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It sounds strange but smiling could be the key to finding your perfect partner. Research has consistently shown that people notice other people’s smiles almost straight away, meaning your smile could be the most important tool for creating a positive first impression.

An attractive smile is not just a positive physical characteristic; it is also a sign of confidence and helps to transmit a sense of friendliness and warmth. In terms of physical appearance, most people prefer a healthy looking, bright smile to a set of stained, chipped or missing teeth. However, everyone is different and some people may not be bothered about their partner’s physical appearance. Surveys and research studies suggest that the majority of people are eager to meet someone who they class as attractive but people’s perceptions of attractiveness can change as they get to know people and if someone has a perfect personality and positive character traits, they may soon become a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

Having a great looking smile is a concern for most people. If you asked a group of people whether or not they were bothered about the appearance of their smile, most of them would agree that an attractive smile is an important physical feature. Some people inherit better looking teeth than others but for those that do not have a perfect set of pearly whites, there are a number of treatments available that can give you a smile to be proud of like cosmetic dentistry. Historically, an attractive smile has always been associated with beauty, success and wealth and yellow, chipped teeth have been linked to a lack of wealth and poor health. Almost all images of models, celebrities and singers in glossy magazines, famous good looking film actors and actresses and historical figures of beauty have a perfect looking set of straight, white teeth and usually ‘baddies’ and ugly characters have yellow teeth. 

Confidence is really important and displaying a glossy set of white teeth when you smile will give off a positive first impression and immediately make you seem warm, enthusiastic and confident. For most people, confidence is a really attractive trait in a partner and something which usually grows in each individual as the partnership becomes more stable and loving. Spending time with confident people can be difficult if you suffer from low self-esteem as you may feel overwhelmed, but the right partner will help to build your confidence and increase your self-esteem. 

Looks can be a deal breaker for some and most people would agree that looks play an important role in their choice of partner. If they really like somebody and get on well with them but find them physically unattractive and there is no ‘spark’ between them, the chances are the relationship will not last long. Teeth can make a huge difference to somebody’s overall look; they could have a really attractive face but this will be spoilt if they open their mouth to reveal a set of chipped or broken stained teeth. 

If you’re looking for your perfect partner, make sure you take good care of your teeth and show them off with a beaming smile. Flashing a smile may make the difference between somebody choosing to approach you or not and who knows, your smile may just prove to be the deal breaker in tracking down your perfect match.