My Teenage Phases

My Teenage Phases

Most of the people I know have had a fairly confusing 'dating' life as teenagers. And so have I, for me at the time most of the things didn't count as relationship, but a few years after. I do count them in, but they were nothing serious, although they have had effect on me as a person.A Little self introduction before we start. I'm from Iceland, and lets say I was naive for a long time and still can be. I've been connected to the internet since I was a child, and have been communicating with all sorts of people all over the world.(Mostly Europe and America to be honest, due to time-zones)

We can put it in some phases.

Phase 1: Much too young (and naive)
Lets start at the beginning, age 13-14. In those years I had my first kiss with one of my best friends (which led to nothing else), one of my other best friends was attracted to me, but only told me years later, after we got out of touch and I had a partner. And then there was this desperate guy, who texted me, asking me if I'd "Be his girlfriend". We hardly knew one another. Seeing I was totally inexperienced and naive I accepted his offer. The texting turned into invitations to his house to have sex. I was saving myself for someone I trusted, so I refused and a week later I get a text about just staying friends and asking for my best friend's number. And that's the end of my youngest romance stories

Phase 2: Still naive (but learning slowly)

So During the end of 'phase 1' I got to know a lot of people on the internet and had my whole social network. The number of people I met is huge and I can't even recall half of them. But two of them stand out, as in I actually met them in real life. That comes in later phases, but during phase 2 those relationship became stronger. I'll name the first one by a fake name "Rembrandt" since he's dutch(don't be fooled though, this dutch-man we are going to talk about would not be considered artistic!). 
My intentions were never do date someone over the internet, I found it kind of silly, plus.. I was a child! I wouldn't be able to meet someone I met over online unless with the permission of my parents. But slowly our feelings grew for one another, and there was a confession. But nothing official until the day we met(phase 3).
So what happened in my love life on phase 2? I was 15 and a 21 year old guy (who way to old for me at the time) seduced me. I was young and foolish, we spent many days in make out sessions and although I really cared about Rembrandt I continued meeting him, but I never gave myself completely to him, continuing to refuse him of what adults are used to but virgins aren't *big hint*. He was very good at getting what he wanted though..
We stopped meeting gradually, since he got the signal. This phase just makes me feel dirty and made me promise myself never to date someone over around 3 years older then I.

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