Why the World is a Global Enslavement Machine

Why the World is a Global Enslavement Machine
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This is so true and sad, but liberating when you realize it. When I wake up I often think:

This world is in reality a global enslavement machine that programs people to THINK that they are free in order for them to cope with their servitude, and conditions people to WANT it as well. The truth is, we are all slaves to the economic system and programmed with illusions that help us bear our enslavement.

The system treats us as economic resources and defines us by our economic functions (e.g. workers, tax payers, consumers, etc.) rather than as human or spiritual beings. In short, we are simply a commodity to the system and groomed as such. And of course, we are programmed to want to thrive as "economic resources", not to complain about it or be critical of it. No freethought, in other words. You are supposed to "love the system".

Freedom, for the most part, is just a word, not an actual state of existence. The reason people, especially Americans, believe that they have freedom is simply because their minds are programmed to think that they do. You see, your slavemasters need you to be satisfied with your enslavement to keep you controlled. In order to do that, they give you choices in consumerism and in selecting your occupation. You are "free" to choose your form of slavery and vote for your puppet dictators.

Right when you step into grade school, you lose all your freedoms as you are totally controlled and given rules to abide by. You are taught to regurgitate information and to be obedient, as you are honed and groomed to become a slave in servitude to the system. You are told it's for your own good, and punished for disobedience. Public school is where your conditioning to become a robot begins. This video explains how school is nothing more than a prison designed to train and condition slaves.

First, you are programmed to WANT to become enslaved by being
conditioned to WANT a job/career, which is essentially giving over
control of your daily life to others. In doing so, you give up your
freedom without knowing it cause you are told that you are "free to
work", which implies that it is YOU who wants it, not the system - a
psychological sleight of hand indeed. Furthermore, you are convinced
that "the purpose of your life is to work" and that's what you were born
for, thus ingraining you with the "live to work" mentality. You are
also conditioned to feel empty and incomplete without it. As a result,
work becomes synonymous with freedom to you.

If you think about it though, unless you are at the executive level,
most jobs are technically positions of slavery, because you are giving
over a large portion of your day in servitude to a corporate body,
organization or business that is structured in a hierarchical fashion.
Technically, that is slavery. There's no way around it. But of course,
the system tries to convince you that it's not by getting you to think
that YOU are the one that wants it. But even if you don't, you have to
anyway cause you need the money to pay your bills. Hence, whether you want it or not, the employment enslavement is "forced" upon you by the system.

Overall, the system tries its best to make you a "happy slave" by
repackaging slavery as freedom. This is a form of spin illusion that
reverses the meaning of "slavery" and "freedom". For example, freedom in
America means "the freedom to work and make money"
which in other words means "the freedom to choose your form of
enslavement". And being free of this enslavement is to be a "miserable
unemployed person who is seeking a job", as defined by the system. This
basically means that it is a bad thing not be a slave.

It's a play on words that turns
truth into its opposite. And it's no different than preachers telling
Christians who have submitted to the fundamentalist laws of the Bible
that they have been "set free from sin", or fascist dictators telling
their populace that they've been "set free from chaos and disorder", etc. So in this case, when you turn into a corporate slave, you are "set free from unemployment".

Essentially, the system's false logic is that slavery = being "set free" from freedom.
This is nonsensical of course, but you aren't meant to see it the way
it really is. Instead you are meant to see the inverse of the way it
really is. That's the scam and brainwashing. It's a classic form of
propaganda where you divert attention from something by declaring it to
be its opposite. And it has been used time and time again throughout
history in all areas of life where mass control is needed. Thus it's no
wonder that Michael Ellner stated:

"Just look at us. Everything is
backwards. Everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers
destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy
freedom, the major media destroy information, and religion destroys

Moreover, the system uses a barrage of methods to keep us in an
internal state of fear and insecurity that causes us to crave structure
and routine, due to our psychological insecurities, which enslavement to
the system provides of course.
Thus we are raised to want to be "tied down" to something (e.g. a job, house, marriage,
single geographic location) on a long term basis. This is why most
people do not seek adventure, new experiences or true freedom of
expression, and only a minority do.

One major outlet that the system uses to keep us in this internal state
is the media of course, which constantly feeds us stories of terror,
tragedy and crises. Their excuse is that "bad news sells" but that is
just a cover. You are never told the real reason for the rampant
fearmongering. Society also convinces you that being in a state of fear