what should i do about this boy?

what should i do about this boy?

there's this boy who i am crazy about.

there's no one with his personality and all i want to do is be with him.

however, i told him how i felt, twice, and we ended up becoming strangers and then becoming friends again both times.

now, i'm friends with him and i thought i was over him, but he's always getting under my skin.

i still get jealous when i see him with other girls (thank god its not
often), and jealousy was the emotion that always landed us in an

i think i love him. i miss him so much it hurts. sometimes i want to just kiss him, but i don't want to steal his first kiss.

i care about him no matter what and i don't even know what his thoughts on me are.

we made a pact to get fit (he'll get muscles; and i'll lose a bit of
weight) by the summer. he says that when he sees me in the summer, he
won't "hope" to turn me on, but "knows" he will.

i don't know if he's just being cocky (which he always is), or he's hitting on me.

we still talk from time to time. mostly he messages me first because
whenever i message him, the conversation dies pretty quickly. and i
don't want him to know that i feel the need to talk to him.

i don't know what to do. should i shy away from him and tell him the
truth for the third time? it's senior year, and i want to spend as much
time with him as possible before we never see each other again. i want
him to remember who i was/am. cause i know i'll always remember him.