6 Guys Who Should Date Snooki

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The "Jersey Shore" icon will soon be Snookin' for love on her own dating show.

Following in the footsteps of Ray-J, Bret Michaels, and our esteemed "Bachelors," Snooki will soon be stepping out with her own reality dating show for MTV. Since it's only a matter of time until this sure-to-be masterpiece hits the airwaves, we thought we'd help the casting directors out with some smash-worthy suggestions for our Guido-lovin' gal:

1. Kevin Federline: Britney's ex is looking to re-enter the limelight, and what better way than to date reality's reigning paparazzi princess? And Snooki just might go for it—after all, K-Fed's been hitting the gym lately and is a lean, mean 25 pounds lighter. Now all he has to do is Mystic Tan it up and he'll be a contender!

2. Tiger Woods: Snooki recently made a checklist of dream qualities in a suitor, not the least of which are "juicehead" and "likes pickles." Though it might be tough to pin down all 20 requirements, no doubt she'll find her "nympho" in newly single Tiger Woods.

3. Justin Bieber: At only 16 years old, Bieber might be a tad young for our party girl, but the controversy is sure to keep her in the headlines—and that's just how she likes it. Plus, no one can say Bieber's lyrics aren't "romantical," yet another criteria on Snooki's love list. 10 Ridiculous Jersey Shore Love Quotes

4. Dane Cook: This comedian's certainly got swagger, and his trademark humor is sure to keep Snooki giggling all night long. Plus, he looks like the type that could rock an Ed Hardy shirt or two down at the shore.

5. Antonio Sabato, Jr.: Though not necessarily a "Guido," this Italy native could totally be Mr. Right for Snooki. A former underwear model, he's deliciously buff enough, and as a dating show vet himself, he can show Snooki the reality ropes.

6. Zac Efron: Though ‘Nessa might have something to say about it, we wouldn't put it past Snooki to sidle up to the Zefron. After all, they've been known to sport matching shades of orange. In fact, a "Zac Efron, Please Stop Tanning" site has even popped up in his honor.

So who will win Snooki's heart? Only time will tell. Tell us who you think should be Snooki's snuggle buddy in the comments. Which Jersey Shore Character Are You?

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