The 5 Little Lies that Women Tell Men

The 5 Little Lies that Women Tell Men

We over at are women. Which means that we are many things: attractive, elusive, soft, strong, able to multi-task, and...not always quite so honest.  That's right. Sometimes, *sometimes*, we ladies have been known to tell the littlest, tiniest, teeniest white lie.  From time to time. Or (cough), every day. We hate to admit it or be caught out, but it does happen. Want to know more? Read on for our top 5 lies that women tell...


1. "I had a nice time." -- Ummm, yeah.  Sometimes you just say stuff because your mom told you to be nice.  Then again, sometimes you say things in order to just get the hell out of there.  However, you can believe us if we say: "I had a really nice time! (pauses, looks at you expectantly while possibly inching nearer...)."  That means that we really did have a nice time, and also, go ahead and kiss us already!


2. "That" -- So, similar to point number one, sometimes we say things in order to play nice.  And then there are those times that we say something just to cover up our real thoughts, which are clearly "that was so NOT fun, I've had bikini waxes that were more fun. Please let me never NEVER have to do that again."


3. "It wasn't that expensive." Whether its our shoes, hair, or purse ... we love a bargain but we know the prices we pay would still horrify you. That's right, we're only trying to protect you.


4. "Can I help with the check?" If it's a first date, we don't really want to help with the check. So you see, saying: "Can I help with the check?" is really kind of a trap. We feel a little guilty about it but the truth is that the only answer is we really want to hear is no. It's not that we're cheap -- actually, we always carry the cash necessary to cover our own weight. It's that we're still tied to some old notions of chivalry which dictate that you only let us pay if you don't like us.


5. "I'm fine." Whenever a woman says a terse "I'm fine," in answer to a question, she is pretty much implying that she is not only NOT fine, she is nowhere near fine and in fact, said goodbye to fine several years ago.  Accepting the "I'm fine" with no further thought is a decision that may place you at risk, but then investigating further can also do the same.  Either way, we are definitely NOT fine.  Groveling and flowers however? Might help get us closer to fine!

What lies do you tell? Want to know more? Share with us at and here in the comments!