Claims of Palin booed were not entirely accurate

Claims of Palin booed were not entirely accurate

Thinking about the amount of attention she gets, seems like that Palin booed by a crowd would be impossible. It seemed to happen on "Dancing with the Stars". At least, it seemed to happen, as it could have easily been something else. After all, she should have been there as Bristol Palin is one of the contestants. Thus far, Bristol Palin really isn't really doing bad at all.

Viewers did not boo Palin

Sarah Palin showed up for an episode of "Dancing with the Stars" to look at Bristol compete for dancing glory. During the show, a loud round of booing started after the judges critiqued the routine from Jennifer Grey, as outlined by USA Today. The camera panned and zoomed toward the judges table through the boos, but there sat one of the most famous loser of an election in history. Individuals on the show knew the score, and even Tom Bergeron, one of the booed most judges, knew that it was the panel getting stick for giving Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough a low score. The audience actually applauded Palin.

End result

Bristol Palin actually did pretty very well. She scored a 22. Squarely at the top of the middle range of scores sits Bristol Palin, so she's safe. Michael Bolton scored a 12, as outlined by the Los Angeles Times. Bolton is doubtless to receive the big ugly axe next. A score of 21 went to both Rick Fox and Kurt Warner, as the pro athletes on in 2010 are doing well. Florence Henderson, "The Situation," and Margaret Cho rounded out the bottom, ahead of Michael Bolton.

Not the worst year yet

So far, this season is off to a flying start. The appearance of probably the most famous state first daughter within the nation is certainly going to boost ratings. That said, there is a huge draw for this show. The draw is that "Baby" from "Dirty Dancing" is a contestant. Jennifer Grey became a cultural icon for the role, and so far she still has her chops.


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